Sagittarius Quotes

Best 30 Sagittarius Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

Here are some quotes to learn more about Sagittarius' personality

Sagittarius, born between 23 November and 21 December, is a fire sign, like Leo and Aries. People born under this sign are usually fun, sociable, cheerful and charismatic. 

They are passionate about adventures and they can't live without them. In addition, they love to learn and know the truth about everything. They are attracted to religion, and political groups or organizations.


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40 quotes for you to get to know Sagittarius

The best selection of quotes about Sagittarius on topics such as health, money, and love.

1For a Sagittarius, without risk there is no adventure.

2A Sagittarius will always say: "You look sad... let me tell you a joke."

3Sagittarius are very selective people, so if you have been chosen by one, consider yourself lucky.

4A Sagittarius respects all opinions, except yours, yours is very stupid.

5If you want to see a Sagittarius leave, introduce them to someone who is boring.

6Sagittarius make little commitment, but when they do, they make it with great intensity, albeit for a short period of time.

7A Sagittatius likes arguing. Why talk things rationally when you can argue?

8Only a Sagittarius will get you to stand up stronger after you've hit bottom.

9Very typical of Sagittarius: to go on a trip and fill the suitcase with books.

10Sagittarius will thank you for your help, but they really believe they can do better on their own.

11Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac.

12A Sagittarius loves adventure and the unknown and they are very versatile.

13Sagittarius are great travelers. They love to find out about the cultures of other countries.

14Sagittarius are pure optimism and joy.

15Sagittarius believe that worries don't paralize their way.

16For a Sagittarius, the most important thing is to know the truth of everything.

17Sagittarius is attracted to religion because they explain everything.

18Sagittarius people have the ability to teach and be the teacher of others.

19Sagittarius is intelligent and likes to learn.

20A Sagittarius has a lot of charisma and people skills. They love to be with people.

21Spirituality is a personal development in the life of every Sagittarius.

22In love, Sagittarius need freedom.

23If you are a person who prevents them from fighting for their dreams and ideals, Sagittarius will leave.

24A Sagittarius likes to give without receiving anything in return because it is something they really enjoy and feel like doing.

25With their extreme optimism, a Sagittarius always sees the positive side of everything, and even makes it up.

26With an egocentric and inflexible point, Sagittarius don't like changing their mind.

27Sagittarius don't like to show their feelings, so they keep all of them for themselves.

28Sagittarius will always say things exactly as they think they are.

29Sagittarius' extreme transparency can come at a price.

30When you least expect it, Sagittarius brings his temper out.

31Patience isn't their thing. Sagittarius is impatient when the rest don't keep up with them.

32Sagittarius are sometimes too demanding on others.

33Always with an open mind, a Sagittarius always considers new ideas.

34You can trust them. A Sagittarius is honest and sincere.

35Whatever it takes, a Sagittarius is always ready to fight for the cause.

36A Sagittarius is generous, but be careful, they've got everything under control.

37A Sagittarius is intuitive and a good organizer.

38Although Sagittarius usually says everything, they kep more secrets than you expect.

39If Sagittarius likes you, get ready. They won't stop until they have you.

40A Sagittarius knows how to motivate and give the shot in the arm you need.