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Humor in general is important; whatever makes us laugh should be welcome. Dark humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you might even enjoy these dark humor quotes.
It’s not how you spend your time but with whom you spend it. Discover the extensive Cool Quotes Collection list of family and friendship quotes and let your bestie or your sibling know how you feel about your bond.
Interested in famous quotes? Look no further as here, at Cool Quotes Collection, we have sampled the most famous quotes on love, life, success, failure, and being famous so that you get a taste of the past in all its glory.
Life is best lived with a sense of humor, so prepare to have your funny bone tickled! Cool Quotes Collection offers an astonishing selection of fun, positive, and happy quotes to help you face your daily challenges with a smile on your face.
Many people spend most of their lives in pursuit of success and inner peace. Discover an incredible Cool Quotes Collection of inspirational quotes to help you gain more confidence, self-esteem, and tranquillity. As you go about your day, use these inspirational quotes to guide your thoughts and offer clarity.
Many things can be said about life but “easy” is not a word that comes up too often. In the face of so many adversities, discover the Cool Quote Collection of life quotes that will improve your perspective on life and put a spring in your step.
Being honest about how we feel doesn’t always come easily. Explore our compilation of love quotes and let Cool Quotes Collection help you find the right words to express your affection for that special someone that you know.
“You can do it!” When is the last time someone told you this? Explore our Cool Quotes Collection of amazing motivational quotes to help you keep pushing forward and achieve your most ambitious goals.
Remember all your favourite character's quotes with this collection of movie, series and book quotes. Feel inspired, motivated and loved by these amazing quotes.
Do you need some picture quotes to share or to keep for yourself? Here you will find all sorts of inspirational, love, positive, life, sad or famous quotes images, among others.
Despite sadness being a fundamental emotion that humans experience our society tends to brush sadness under the proverbial carpet and we never get to express it. Cool Quotes Collection offers a selection of sad quotes to help you cry it out.
Are you looking for some ideas to change your WhatsApp status? Here you will find all sorts of quotes and thoughts to use as your WhatsApp status and pictures for your WhatsApp DP.