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Best 30 Pisces Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

These Pisces quotes will help you know all about their personality

Pisces' personality is one of the most complex in the zodiac, but if we had to choose a few words to define them, they would be calm, kind, empathetic, dreamy, affable and affectionate. They allow themselves to be easily carried away by emotions and that is why sometimes they do not have the necessary energy to fight against the adversities that life presents. We will know more about them with these Pisces quotes.


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40 quotes for you to get to know Pisces

The best compilation of Pisces quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1If there is no love, there is nothing for Pisces anymore.

2Pisces' heart races for almost anything.

3Iā€™m the typical Pisces sad, unhappy, sensitive (Kurt Cobain)

4Pisces tend to hide from the great potential they have within.

5Typical: when Pisces gets bored, they bother others.

6Sleeping is Pisces' drug.

7The receptive nature of Pisces forces them to give their energy to others.

8For Pisces, dreaming is free.

9For Pisces, nothing is better than to plan a change and make it epic.

10Pisces lives in a happy world, don't tear it down.

11Piscis creates their own fantasies to escape from reality.

12If Pisces lets you win, it's because the game bores them.

13Pisces stumbles upon reality much more than they would like.

14If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on, look for a Pisces.

15They absorb other people's suffering and pain.

16Pisces' intuition warns them of the degree of evil in front of them.

17The day Pisces show their pride, you better start worrying.

18Whenever Pisces chooses to be with you, they are really going to stay with you.

19No matter how long they may have lived, Pisces will always keep that innocence so pure.

20Always kind but not always easy to understand.

21Pisces doesn't choose the easy option, they choose what is worthwhile.

22They are always willing to give all of them.

23When Pisces falls in love with you, they will show you a side that you didn't know they had.

24If Pisces looks you in the eye and insists on doing something, do it.

25Love is Pisces' resistance.

26Pisces are extremely weird, but in a good way.

27Pisces feels more than they should and are too empathic.

28Even if you see they're not having trouble helping, it's hard for them.

29When a Pisces disappears for a while, it is because they really need it.

30Pisces is a dilemma, although they will always be there for you.

31Pisces' soul: half witch, half therapist.

32Beware of Pisces' witchcraft arts and their premonitory power.

33Let Pisces interpret your dreams, and they will happen.

34Pisces doesn't ask, but they still find out everything.

35Pisces' eyes analyze everything deeply and with tenderness.

36Pisces is complicated and is attracted to complicated relationships.

37Even though they may seem distracted, their head is always working really fast.

38Although they tend to dodge fights, sometimes they find themselves involved in them.

39It is difficult to understand Pisces' world.

40Pisces, never stop dreaming.