Aquarius Quotes

Best 30 Aquarius Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

Here are some quotes to learn more about Aquarius' personality
Aquarius Quotes
Best 30 Aquarius Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better | iSTOCK

All those born between January 20 and February 19 are Aquarius, a very powerful air zodiac sign. They are usually very sociable and love to help others more than anything in the world. Aquarians have a strong personality and temper and are persevering in their ideas. Read these Aquarius quotes to get to know them a little bit better.

40 quotes for you to get to know Aquarius

The best compilation of Aquarius quotes on topics such as love, money and health.

1An Aquarius will find it hard to trust you, especially if they have been betrayed in the past. However, it is worth being patient.

2If an Aquarius judges you, you're making it very difficult for them.

3Surely you can't quite understand an Aquarius. Don't worry, nobody can.

4The sweetest sign, until you pout and underestimate them.

5It's very hard to get your heart broken if you don't have a heart.

6If an Aquarius doesn't think it's worth helping you, believe me: you don't deserve it.

7If you ask something from an Aquarius, it will be given to you with pleasure. But if you demand something... you can forget about it.

8Life is full of injustices and there are too many selfish people in the world.

9It is difficult for an Aquarius not to forgive you the first time, but impossible to forgive you a second time.

10Only an Aquarius will see the best of you; even when you think there is nothing.

11An Aquarius is a watering can without holes. They many innovative ideas, although they usually fall into oblivion.

12At work, an Aquarius is not fast, they follow their pace, because they know that they are creative and do not accept pressure.

13Aquarius love freedom and will take great care of it.

14An Aquarius loves you, even if they do it in their own way and it doesn't look like it.

15You won't find an Aquarius among conventionalism, they run away from preconceived ideas.

16Aquarius works best alone, unless they are the project leader.

17You'll always have an Aquarius by your side as long as you respect their freedom.

18In love, if Aquarius have their own space, they will be faithful and stable people.

19Aquarius can't stand lies and toxic people.

20As an air sign, Aquarius gets along well with fire signs, because they enliven them.

21Aquarius can easily convince people of their truth.

22Aquarius is one of the most tolerant and unprejudiced signs of the entire zodiac.

23An Aquarius is always open to the truth and willing to learn from everyone.

24Aquariums are idealists, they pursue their ideals no matter what.

25Aquariums are very refined people and like to have their own style.

26An Aquarius is persevering and will not stop until they succeed.

27Aquarians like to express themselves, and they do so with moderation.

28Generally, Aquarius are intelligent, transparent and logical.

29They like to use their imagination and are quite psychic.

30An Aquarius likes to move away from the world to meditate or think.

31You'll never see an Aquarius following the crowd. They hate it.

32Aquarius likes to help people. They feel the need to do so.

33They have a hard time making friends. Aquarius don't usually open up and give up their souls easily.

34An Aquarius is a respectful and tolerant companion.

35Aquarius want to have everything they set out to have, and try to achieve it with all their effort.

36Aquarius are stubborn, you'll hardly change their minds.

37They stand out for being honest and very loyal.

38An Aquarius does not understand opinions that are against the causes that they pursues so much.

39Beware of the silence of Aquarius, they may suddenly explode into a great anger.

40Aquarius has a sense of unity with nature.