Gemini quotes

Best 30 Gemini Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

What is a Gemini like? Find out with these quotes

Gemini (21st May - 20th June) is the third sign of the Zodiac. People born under this dual sign are sociable, communicative and open-minded. They also have a good sense of humour and they go from one thing to another very fast. 

Learn more about Gemini from these quotes we have compiled for you, and that only those from this sign will understand.

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30 Gemini Quotes

1Don't make a Gemini concentrate on a specific thing for too long, they aren't good at this.

2Are you looking for some fun? Call a Gemini!

3There are no problems without solutions for a Gemini.

4They have a mediator inside them.

5Remember Gemini: Curiosity killed the cat!

6Making decisions is something complicated for a Gemini.

7They can appear happy and then suddenly sad sometimes, don't try to understand them.

8Sarcasm is their best humour weapon.

9Geminis are not afraid to speak their mind.

10Is your partner a Gemini? Then hold on tight, this is going to be emotionally intense.

11They have excellent communication skills and will quickly convince you of their beliefs.

12You'll never find anyone like a Gemini!

13Conquering people's hearts is a Gemini's thing.

14Gemini loves using words but also body language to communicate with people.

15Double the trouble. Double the fun.

16Gemini: They don't like me? I don't care.

17Geminis have a bit of hell and a bit of paradise in them.

18Geminis are going to look for different ponts of view so they can talk about different ideas.

19Imagination is one of the best wepons for a Gemini.

20Gemini: Did you say party? Here I come!

21A Gemini doesn't delve into things, they stay on the surface.

22If a Gemini tells you how they feel, believe them, they mean it.

23If you want to win over a Gemini's heart, don't forget to make them laugh.

24Geminis hate being reminded of the mistakes they've made.

25They feel good when they make other people happy.

26They love learning new things every day.

27A Gemini is independent and likes to feel free.

28Love is important for a Gemini, but it is not everything.

29If you want to be with a Gemini give them the space they need.

30A Gemini's mood can change in a blink of an eye.