Aries Quotes

Best 30 Aries Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

What is an Aries like? Find out with these quotes

Aries (21st March - 19th April) is the first sign of the Zodiac. People born under this sign tend to be confident, successful leaders. They like to achieve their goals in their own way and they can sometimes have selfish tendencies; they love being the centre of attention. 

Learn more about the Arians from these quotes we have compiled for you, and that only those from this sign will understand. 

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30 Aries Quotes

1An Aries was born a leader and they believe they can get where they want to.

2Aries love feeling appreciated and admired. If they've done something well, let them know.

3Have you offended an Aries? Don't worry too much, they will surely forgive you.

4Every cloud has a silver lining.

5The present is the most important tense for Aries.

6Arians are not interested in remembering the past and thinking about the future.

7Aries don't think twice before speaking their mind.

8Aries enjoy new experience and love feeling the adrenaline.

9Aries are one of the bravest Zodiac signs.

10Do you like people who have a sense of humor? Then you are looking for an Aries.

11Aries: Love me or leave me.

12Aries are hard-workers and they believe in success.

13An Aries can feel weak sometimes, but they will never show it.

14If you treat an Aries well they can be very kind.

15Love is a serious matter for Aries, don't mess with them.

16Arians do things their way.

17If you are having a boring day, call your Aries friend, they will surely make your day brighter.

18Don't mess with someone an Aries loves or you'll regret it forever.

19Aries is a very sexual sign.

20Follow the leader = Follow Aries.

21Have an Aries as a friend, they are very loyal.

22Routine? No! That's not for Aries.

23Stubborness is what best defines an Aries.

24Aries leaves a mark on anyone who meets them.

25For Aries, minds are like parachutes, they don't work if you don't open them.

26It's better to do things when you can do them, than when it is too late.

27Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

28If you are an independent person, Aries will admire you deeply.

29Aries know they are in charge of their own life and they have to lead it as best as they can.

30An Aries always keeps their promises.