Whatsapp status for your sister

WhatsApp Status For Your Sister

Write a nice WhatsApp status and dedicate it to your sister.
Whatsapp status for your sister
Dedicate your WhatsApp status to your sister.


35 WhatsApp Status For Your Sister

A sister is supposed to be one of the most important people in one's life. Let your sister know how much you care about her with these WhatsApp status for sisters. Whether it's her birthday today, a very special day for her or you just want to tell them you love or miss her in a special way, choose the status you like most and make your sister smile. 

1Because angels are sometimes busy elsewhere, God created sisters like you.

2Happiness is… a cup of tea and a chat with your sister.

3Our path may change as life goes along, but the bond between us remains ever strong. I miss you my sister.

4Sis, you have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me and I love you for that. Happy birthday!

5Let’s celebrate your special day by promising each other that we’ll always look out for one another, no matter what. Happy birthday, sis!

6I love the fact that my best friend just so happens to be my only biological sibling, my sister.

7A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

8I love you tons sis. You have a big space reserved in my heart forever.

9Despite our arguments and our differences you are still the most important person in my life.

10You always know when I’m sad. Just missing my sister. Thats all.

11My sister and I are so close that we finish each other’s sentences and often wonder who’s memories belong to whom.

12Being brother & sister means being there for each other.

13A sister is always there for you no matter what you are going through.

14Sister and Best Friend – Two words that mean the same.

15My sister is the sweetest little thing alive! Words can hardly describe my love for her, she is my best friend.

16A sister is a forever friend.

17I miss your voice telling me it will be ok, I miss your jokes, I miss your hugs and most of all I miss you.

18The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.

19Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.

20A sister is worth a thousand friends.

21Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

22A true sister is a friend who listens with her heart.

23I’m lucky to have a sister like you but you’re even luckier; you’ve got me.

24A sister is for telling secrets and making promises that will never be broken.

25To have your sister and best friend wrapped in one is the most beautiful thing.

26Having my sister around can make the difference between heaven and hell.

27In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.

28Of course no one can find the perfect sister, cause she’s all mine!!

29People come and go, friends change like the weather but I know my sister is here forever. I love you.

30Always my sister, forever my friend.

31Being sisters means you always have backup.

32All you need is love… and a sister.

33A sister is a special type of angel on earth who brings out your best qualities.

34A sister in a friend will come and go but a friend in a sister will always remain.

35It’s nice to grow up with a sister; someone to lean on, to count on, and to tell on.