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25 Amityville Horror Quotes

"The Amityville Horror" is a horror novel from 1977 by Jay Anson. Based on this book there has been a series of films around 20 years after the release of the book. The novel is claimed to be based on a true story but many people doubt of its truthfulness. 

The Amityville Horror is a true story that marked the history of the United States in the 1970s and caught Hollywood's attention and elevated a house on the outskirts to one of the most terrifying haunted houses of the twentieth century.

The book, and therefore the movies, are based on the paranormal experiences of the Lutz family in a house in Amityville. This family moves into the house around a year after the "DeFeo murders" - Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six of his family members in this house on November 13, 1974. 

The quotes listed in this post are all from "The Amityville Horror" movie.

1"There's no bad houses!, just bad people!"

George Lutz

2"Why didn't you tell us about the people who died here?"

Billy Lutz

3"What's going on? Have you all gone mad? George!"

Kathleen Lutz

4"Maybe I am just chasing shadows."

Sgt. Gionfriddo

5"Father Nuncio and I have seen our share of phenomena, and never once did any of them turn out to be Satanist!"

Father Ryan

6"I'm not in the habit of blaming Satan for every phenomenon."

Father Ryan

7"Don't ever do that. Not to a man with an ax in his hand."

George Lutz

8"There's nothing like it on the market. Not at this price."

Mrs. Townsend

9"Amy, open the door. I'm in the closet. Open the door. Amy, I mean it! Come to the door! Open it! For Christ's sake! Open the door! Amy, open the door! For Christ's sake, open the door!"


10"Listen to me, pal, I don't like lectures, and I don't like being hassled in the mens room. I'm gonna write you a check. Either that's good enough for you, or you're gonna eat your own goddamn food."

George Lutz

11"What do you want from us? Goddammit! This is my house!"

George Lutz

12"I wanna go home. Mommy, I wanna go home."


13"The babysitter told me that two little boys died in our room."

Billy Lutz

14"I checked into the murders. And I checked into the twenty year old boy who killed his parents, and his four brothers and sisters. And when he was at trial, he testified that he heard voices in the house. He heard voices in the house and the voices told him to do it. Now, I was in the house and I heard the voices, too. And I also felt their presence in the house. I'm telling you, there was a presence in that house."

Father Delaney

15"Half the killers in this country say the same thing. The voices. The voices told me to do it."

Father Ryan

16"What I saw was not a cat."

Kathy Lutz

17"Why is it all going wrong? We have to do something."

Kathy Lutz

18"This house is bad, Mommy."

Michael Lutz

19"Mrs. Lutz, get you and your family out of that house. Right now!"

Father Callaway

20"I just wish that... all those people hadn't died here. I mean... A guy kills his whole family. Doesn't that bother you?"

Kathy Lutz

21"Sure, but... houses don't have memories.”

George Lutz

22"You are not allowed to say that word."

Kathy Lutz

23"Wipe that stupid look off your face and go to bed!... run!"

George Lutz

24"I'm coming apart! Oh, Mother of God, I'm coming apart!"

George Lutz

25"These kids of yours need some goddamn discipline."

George Lutz