Virgo Sign

Best 30 Virgo Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better

What is a Virgo like? Find out with these quotes.
Virgo Sign
Best 30 Virgo Quotes: Get To Know This Zodiac Sign Better | iSTOCK

Virgo (23 August - 22 September) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac.  Virgos are tenacious and persevering which makes them achieve what they want to achieve. They can even be hard with themselves sometimes. You may meet a Virgo and they might seem cold in appearance, don't take it personally, they do this to protect themselves so no one is able to harm them. This sign also admires people who are honest, and they might not have many friends, but the ones they have are surely real. 

Learn more about Virgo from these quotes we have compiled for you, and that only those from this sign will understand.

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30 Virgo Quotes

1The relationship with a Virgo will strengthen when you've shown you are honest.

2A Virgo believes that someone has to be hard working to succeed.

3Once you are in the inner circle of a Virgo, you are in it forever.

4Virgos don’t lose their temper easily.

5The two great virtues of a Virgo: perseverance and tenacity.

6Do not assume with Virgo, it’s better to be straight forward and direct.

7Virgos are very cautious when entering new relationships. They want to be sure they are making the right decision.

8Virgos know how to organize themselves.

9A Virgo is shy about their feelings

10If a Virgo doesn't like you, they will keep a distance.

11If you are lloking for honesty, ask a Virgo.

12Overthinking is Virgos' thing.

13Virgos are very private people.

14Virgos are highly compatible with other Virgos.

15I notice everything but I just act like I don't.

16You don't need to be perfect for a Virgo, you just need to be honest.

17A Virgo takes everything to heart so be careful what you say.

18Virgos can get stressed if a problem is not solved straight away.

19Virgos remember everything.

20They might tell you "I'm fine" but they're not.

21Treat me like a game, I'll show you how it's played.

22A Virgo will never go talking behind your back.

23A Virgo will usually daydream about their lover.

24When a Virgo talks, listen.

25A Virgo usually knows when something is wrong.

26They are perfectionists and don’t settle for less.

27Virgos don’t find themselves comfortable in the company of many people.

28A Virgo carries sarcasm so smoothly as if it was inherent to them.

29Treat them with reality, they will face it.

30Virgos actually find peace and solace in music.