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20 Good Status For WhatsApp

Do you want to be the most original one? Surprise your friends with these good status for WhatsApp.

Good status for WhatsApp

If you want to show your coolest side through your social media and share it with you contacts and friends, you can read these good status for WhatsApp and choose the one that suits you better. You will find one for every occasion, no matter your current situation.

1My circle is small because I’m into quality, not quantity!

2I’m cool but global warming made me hot.

3I hate math, but I love counting money.

4Who cares, I’m awesome.

5I'm on a whiskey diet. I've lost three days already.

6A sense of humor makes a man handsome.

7A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't go anywhere until you change it.

8Don’t follow your dreams, follow me.

9There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

10I didn't change, I just grew up. You should try it once.

11I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

12I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

13I am smiling and you're not the reason anymore.

14I'm so tired, my tired is tired.

15If you don’t like my attitude then stop talking to me.

16Life is too short to spend another beautiful day fighting a war with yourself.

17Move confidently towards your dreams. Don’t be afraid to live the life you’ve always wanted.

18Fuck everyone, it’s just you in the end.

19Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me.

20Be as picky with men, as you are with selfies.