Best 15 Inspirational Life Quotes in Spanish

Spanish-speakers have a unique take on life. They are generally warm and welcoming, and this shows in their life philosophy.
Best 15 Inspirational Life Quotes in Spanish | Wikimedia Commons

“Aside from being empowering and thought-provoking, Spanish quotes are a great way to learn Spanish,” says lifestyle expert from Reviewbox. “Reading Spanish phrases that can’t be always directly translated into English teaches you to discover the meaning behind the words.” With this in mind, here are 15 quotes in Spanish, and their English translations, bound to raise your spirits, and teach you a thing or two at the same time.

1La verdadera amistad resiste el tiempo, la distancia, y el silencio

True friendship withstands time, distance, and silence

Isabel Allende

2Árbol de la esperanza, mantente firme

Tree of hope, stand firm - Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

3Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible

Let's be realistic and accomplish the impossible

Ernesto "Che" Guevara

4Aprender a dudar es aprender a pensar

To learn to doubt is to learn think

Octavio Paz

5Leer un poema es escucharlo con los ojos; oírlo es verlo con nuestros oídos

To read a poem is to hear it without using our eyes; to hear is to see it with our eyes

Octavio Paz

6La vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda, y cómo la recuerda para contarla

Life isn't what one has lived, but what one remembers, and how one remembers it in order to retell it

Gabriel García Márquez

7La vida es tan corta y el oficio de vivir tan difícil, que cuando uno empieza a aprenderlo, ya hay que morirse

Life is so short, and it is so hard to learn, that by the time we figure things out, it is time to die

Ernesto Sabato

8Donde una puerta se cierra, otra se abre

When one door closes, another one opens

Miguel de Cervantes

9Antes de Conquistar la montaña, debes, aprender a superar tu miedo

Before you conquer the mountain, you have to learn to overcome your fear

Isabel Allende

10Es tan corto el amor y tan largo el olvido

Love is so short and the forgetting so long

Pablo Neruda

11No hables a menos que puedas mejorar el silencio

Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence

Jorge Luis Borges

12Todo lo que puede ser imaginado es real

Everything that can be imagined is real

Pablo Picasso

13Este mundo no va a cambiar a menos que estemos dispuestos a cambiar nosotros mismos

The world won't change unless we're willing to change ourselves

Rigoberta Menchu

14Tengo un día. Si lo sé aprovechar, tengo un tesoro

I have one day. If I know how to make the most of it, I will have struck gold

Gabriela Mistral

15El amor no se piensa, se siente o no se siente

You don’t have to think about love; you either feel it or you don’t

Laura Esquivel

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