Best 50 Letting Go Quotes

Best 50 Letting Go Quotes

Moving on sometimes implies letting go. Read these quotes to give you strength
Best 50 Letting Go Quotes
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Letting Go Quotes

Sometimes, if we want to move on we need to let go. And this can be hard to do. No matter what you intend to let go of (someone, your past, routine…) it can be very difficult. Life constantly changes and we need to learn how to adapt to those changes and take control of our life in order to move on and let new opportunities in.

You only have one life and you ought to be happy in it while you are still alive. If you want to move on and you’re struggling to let go, read these letting go quotes that will give you courage and inspiration to do so.

1“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

Steve Maraboli

2“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”

Ann Lander

3“I demolish my bridges behind me…then there is no choice but to move forward.”

Fridtjof Nansen

4“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”

Deborah Reber

5“Sometimes people come into your life just to teach you how to let go.”


6“If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go the past that drags you down.”

Amit Ray

7"Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future."

Daphne Rose Kingma

8"Why let go of yesterday? Because yesterday has already let go of you."

Steve Maraboli

9“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

Deepak Chopra

10"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need."

Tao Te Ching

11“To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.”

Jack Kornfield

12“Letting go isn’t a one-time thing, it’s something you have to do every day, over and over again.”

Dawson’s Creek

13“Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go.”

Roy T. Bennett

14“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”

Steve Maraboli

15“Pain will leave you, when you let go”

Jeremy Aldana

16“Whatever comes, let it come, what stays let stay, what goes let go.”


17“…when you let go of your expectations, when you accept life as it is, you’re free. To hold on is to be serious and uptight. To let go is to lighten up.”

Richard Carlson

18“One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.”

Brigitte Nicole

19“One of the simplest ways to stay happy is letting go of the things that make you sad.”


20“We need to learn to let go as easily as we grasp and we will find our hands full and our minds empty.”

Leo F. Buscaglia

21“Letting go is the willingness to change your beliefs in order to bring more peace and joy into your life instead of holding onto beliefs that bring pain and suffering...”

Hal Tipper

22“Life is just a slide. Back and forth between loving and leaving, remembering and forgetting, holding on and letting go.”

Nicole Lyons

23“If you didn't love him, this never would have happened. But you did. And accepting that love and everything that followed it is part of letting it go.”

Sarah Dessen

24"Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over."

Nicole Sobon

25"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

26"There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go."

Jessica Hatchigan

27"Change can be good but it’s always tough to let go of the past."

Emily Giffin

28"Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?"

Leo Buscaglia

29"Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits."

Sarah Ban Breathnach

30“I realise there's something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they're experts at letting things go.”

Jeffrey McDaniel

31“All that sadness. All that anger. It is the smoke that gets into your eyes. If you do not blow it away, how can you hope to see?”

Anthony Horowitz

32“Let go and go beyond living the dream, by dreaming the reality, into a reality beyond the dream.”

Tom Althouse

33“Letting go of someone we love is the hardest thing we will ever do. Some people never surrender to love for the fear of being hurt. But to not have loved, to not have felt the immense joy it brings, would have been a far worse kind of death.”

Goldie Hawn

34“The sooner we heal our traumas, the sooner we liberate ourselves from the people who hurt us. By hating them, we hold onto them. We cannot heal.”

Vironika Tugaleva

35“The day I understood everything, was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I knew peace was the day I let everything go.”

C. JoyBell C.

36“You can only lose what you cling to.”


37“To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.”

Jack Kornfield

38“Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.”

Roy T. Bennett

39“Anything I cannot transform into something marvelous, I let go.”

Anais Nin

40“It is by giving the freedom to the other, that is by letting go, we gain our own freedom back.”

Aleksandra Ninkovic

41“Just remember, when you should grab something, grab it; when you should let go, let go.”


42“Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.”

Octavia Butler

43“Sometimes you have to let things go. Sometimes you have to stop caring for a minute.”

Trina Etmanskie

44“There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.”


45“Let go of your attachment to being right, and suddenly your mind is more open.”

Ralph Marston

46“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

47“I think that you never fall out of love with somebody, you just let go and move on.”

Ashley Rickards

48“You really don’t have to burn any bridges to let go… You don’t have to destroy anything. You can just decide to cross over and move on.”

Marta Mrotek

49“The best skill at cards is knowing when to discard.”

Baltasar Gracián

50“Let go of something old that no longer serves you to make room for something new.”

Roy T. Bennett