Summer Status For WhatsApp

Enjoying your holidays? Read these summer status for WhatsApp to spread your joy!
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Summer Status For WhatsApp

Summertime is here! And we love it. That is why we love doing things we like with our best friends like going to the beach or on adventures and spend great times together. For those occasions when you are so full of joy that you need to share it with your loved ones, we have compiled the best summer status for WhatsApp. Choose the one that best represents you, and dare to update your WhatsApp status!

1I intend to spend the summer with the people who mean the most: my best friends.

2Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.

3People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

4Summer: no school, no exams, no waking up early!

5This summer, nothing is going to hold me back.

6The bigger the summer vacation, the harder the fall.

7Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.

8I dream of a never-ending summer!

9It’s summer and time for wandering.

10Go outside and get more sunshine.

11Life is the sunshine swim the sea drink the wild air.

12Rejoice as summer should chase away sorrows by living.

13Mama always told me not to look into the sights of the sun. Oh, but mama, that’s where the fun is.

14Keep calm and welcome summer!

15In the depth of winter, I found that within me lies an invincible summer.

16August is like the Sunday of summer.

17Summer should get a speeding ticket.

18Tears are the summer showers to the soul.

19If it could only be like this always — always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe.

20Oh, bring again my heart’s content, thou spirit of the summer-time!

21Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream.

22One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.

23In summer, the song sings itself.

24The summer night is like a perfection of thought.

25Happy summer holidays! Time to recharge.

26Dear sun, I seriously feel you need to chill a bit.

27I wish summer would get pregnant, so we’d have 9 months off.

28Do what we can, summer will have its flies.

29When all else fails, take a vacation.

30Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

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