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To express hostility without consequence is to be an anonymous coward.
Accepting things the way that they are, and wishing them to be otherwise, is the tenth of an inch between heaven and hell.
Dance like nobody's watching and love like its never going to hurt.
To the world you may be somebody, but to somebody you may be the world.
When we were born we cried and the people around us smiled. Live life so that when you die you are smiling and the people around you are crying.
Nelson Mandela
You don't love a girl because she's pretty, she is pretty because you love her.
It is better to open your eyes and say you don't understand, than to close your eyes and say you don't believe.
Beware of half-truths. You may get the wrong half!
It takes only 10 minutes to find in others the faults we often fail to discover within ourselves in a lifetime.
Ability without dependability has no value.
A goal without a plan is a dream.
Inferior minds seek convoluted scenarios; it takes a brilliant one to achieve simplicity
Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent
Eleanor Roosevelt
Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
A shadow falling only means that there is a light nearby.
Everything is impossible for those who never try.
What's more important? Your goal, or other's opinions of your goal?
A man said to the Universe, 'Sir! I exist!' 'However,' replied the universe, 'The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.'
Stephen Crane
War is just scientific murder.

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