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What is the feeling when you're driving away from people, and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? - it's the too huge world vaulting us, and it's good-by. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.
Jack Kerouac "On the Road"
I realized these were all the snapshots which our children would look at someday with wonder, thinking their parents had lived smooth, well-ordered, estabilished-within-the-photo lives and got up in the morning to walk proudly on the sidewalks of life, never dreaming the raggedy madness and riot of our actual lives, our actual night, the hell of it, the senseless nightmare road. All of it inside endless and beginningless emptiness. Pitiful forms of ignorance.
Jack Kerouac "On the Road"
It often happens that the real tragedies in life occur in such an inarticulate manner that they hurt one by their crude violence, their absolute incoherence, their absurd want of meaning, their entire lack of style.
Oscar Wilde
People often belittle the place where they were born. But heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners.
Mitch Albom 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'
The Inuit say that the stars are holes in heaven. And every time we see the people we loved shining through, we know they're happy.
Jodi Picoult 'Salem Falls'
Be aware of your heart, and beware of your mind.
Allen Blanks
Oncoming death is terrible enough, but worse still is oncoming death with time to spare, time in which all the happiness that was yours and all the happiness that might have been yours becomes clear to you. You see with utter lucidity all that you are losing. The sight brings on an oppressive sadness that no car about to hit you or water about to drown you can match. The feeling is truly unbearable.
Yann Martel 'Life Of Pi'
To prolong doubt is to prolong hope.
Jane Eyre 'Charlotte Bronte'
A true friend sees through your act, but enjoys the show anyway.
To lead people, walk beside them.
Lao Tsu
The worst thing about being lied to, is knowing that you're not worth the truth.
It's not falling into the water that drowns a man; it's staying there.
Who can be secure of private right, if sovereign sway may be dissolved by might? Nor is the people's judgment always true: the most may err as grossly as the few.
John Dryden
Life's a voyage that's homeward bound
Herman Melville
Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
Albert Einstein
What was left for us then, we orgasmic corpses? The harsh breath of fucking was to be transformed into the deep healing breath of communion. Our old comrades from the days and nights of the torrid upheaval of the sexual revolution are now companions in this long passage where we heal and find new meaning in our longing. While I do not always have the courage to say this, all the anguish of these nightmarish times is worth this single truth at last discovered. There has been no journey, for in your arms and eyes, in your mind and thighs, in the warm surrender of our sweet selves melting in a communion such as I'd only dreamed possible, I realized that with you I have always been home, for in you is the love I have thirsted for so long.
Marco Vassi, 1989
The jury foreman's eyes twitch, then fall.
Even before he says it, I feel departments in the office of my life start to close up shop; files are shredded, sensitivities are folded into neatly marked boxes, lights and alarms are switched off. As the husk of my body is guided from the court, I sense a single little man sat at the bottom of my soul. He hunches over a card table under a naked low-watt bulb, sipping flat beer from a plastic cup. I figure he must be the janitor. I figure he must be me.
'Vernon God Little' by DBC Pierre
You cant make the things you truley want be your future, but you can wish for it. Wishing will only get you so far but you'll know when you have to make the right decision for your future and in the end you will have a future that you'll like cause you made it that way... just the way you wished for.
Hart Rockwell
A man lives for himself, A hero lives for others.
Andrew Husted of Florence

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