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Truth can only be known through silence.
Ryan Martinie
Just remember, there is no true shining knight, not in the sense that women look for. What comes riding along is more like Don Quixote. His armor is battered, misshapen, scratched, he wears a shaving basin for a helmet; however, it is his spirit that shines like a true knight.
John Rabon
Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, but in the end it's only with yourself.
Baz Luhrman
I want friends, not admirers. People who respect me for my character and my deeds, not my flattering smile. The circle around me would be much smaller, but what does that matter as long as they're sincere?
The Diary of Anne Frank
Were it not for yesterday, tomorrow would have no meaning.
Tres Settle
I find myself surrounded by ghost; people who stopped living sometime ago.
Tres Settle
When you teach a man, you teach a person. But when you teach a woman , you teach a generation.
Young wives of old men are accustomed to choose in advance the one who will wipe away their widow tears.
Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793)
The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.
Bette Midler
You cannot see what I see because you see what you see. You cannot know what I know because you know what you know. What I see and what I know cannot be added to what you see and what you know because they are not the same kind. Neither can replace what you see and what you know, because that would be to replace you yourself.
Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Friends are among the brightest threads in the tapestry of life.
The biggest flag in the world can not cover the shame of killing innocent people.
Bumper Sticker
There is neither happiness nor misfortune in this world. There is merely the comparison between one state and another, nothing more. Only someone who has suffered the deepest misfortune is capable of experiencing the highs of felicity. You must need have wished to die, to know how good it is to live.
Alexander Dumas
All human wisdom is contained in these two words- “wait” and “hope”.
Alexander Dumas
Quotes are empty and meaningless. It is how they are used that gives them purpose, how the person repeating those words gives them meaning. Good quotes do not offer the author immortality. Instead, they give the author limitless rebirths on the tongues of the masses.
Andy Clark
Wherever you are, whatever situation you are in, there is a always a friend by your side, it might not be your best friend, but at least it's someone.
Ian Kibble
A man who judges himself is but a fool and a liar.
Cyrus S.Van Norman
A true hero is but a man who defies wisdom and mortality and gets away with it.
Cyrus S Van Norman
In conflict, the blood rests on the hands of those who prevented peacefull ends, not those who enforce what they know to be right.
Cyrus S Van Norman

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